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Dec 12, 2012 7:00am PST
in the u.s., with average download speeds of 2.5 mb per second. but the bad news google fiber is only available in just one place right now which is kansas city, kansas. for the rest of us, and netflix says bryozoan effort by all as ranks no. 2, at nearly 2.2 mb per second. while comcast, said at a close third. >> doubles e-mail service has gotten a makeover. the new revamps in box is more user-friendly and caters to people check their e-mail smart phones and tablet computers. is the company's attempt to regain some of the ground lost a google. y'alls new ceo marissa mayer this tried to give people more reasons to use the company's on-line services and stick or around longer. >> >> new this morning there is something perfect for those who like to shop online and also impatient about getting the items. starting to that the financially struggling postal service is launching their same day delivery that could have those items delivered as soon as two hours after you buy them. >> we will go to will tran where he is waiting at the post office to explain this pilot program. >> after you sub
FOX Business
Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm EST
. does anyone really think that lower u.s. treasury rates are what this country needs? well does anyone really think that lower rates right now, which is obviously what this bond purchasing is all about, or trying to do, will spur more lending? >> well, let me, i don't know. let me distinguish between the treasury purchases and the mbs purchases. david: yeah. >> you mentioned both in the lead-in. david: right. >> i think the mbs purchases are potentially more important, more stimulative, holding down mbs rates which holds down mortgage rates and which helps refinancing and so on. david: but if i could put a fine point on treasury purchases as opposed to old type of thing which was just a switch, switching the short term for long term. >> exactly. david: this is brand new purchases. i would argue that is the more important part of today's announcement. >> well that is the more important part of today's announcement because the mbs purchases was announced a while ago but in terms of strength on the economy i put the mbs purchases first and treasury second. look, the fed was in a quandary.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2